Complaints and Safeguarding Procedure

We take any complaint or Safeguarding issue seriously. All complaints and suggestions are promptly addressed, resolved and shared within the agreed timescales to ensure that lessons are learned and that the learning improves service quality and delivery. We therefore have a formal complaints procedure in place, which has been designed to be fully accessible to everyone. Our Safeguarding policy is regularly updated in line with Local Authority, CQC and NICE Safeguarding Adults standards. Our aim is to ensure that all adults at risk of abuse or neglect are enabledto live, be cared for and supported in an environment free from abuse, harassment, violence or aggression. We provide services that will be appropriate to the adult at risk and not discriminate because of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, culture, or lifestyle. We make every effort to enable clients to express their wishes and make their own decisions to the best of their ability, recognising that such self determination may well involve risk. Our robust governance processes make sure that staff working for and on behalf of First Practice Healthcare Ltd recognise and respond to the main forms of abuse which are set out in the Care Act 2014 Statutory Guidance Chapter 14, which is not an exhaustive list but an illustration as to the sort of behaviour that could give rise to a safeguarding concern.Further information regarding the complaints procedure is available by contacting the office.

Quality Assurance & Surveys

The management team provides support to all our service-users to ensure that they are fully compliant with the standards required by regulatory bodies and regular on-site visits occur to undertake service and risk assessmentsOur aim is to deliver safe, caring, efficient, and high-quality care services that fully integrates quality, performance and governance as detailed in our vision and values.

First Practice Healthcare Ltd intends to achieve continuous improvements in all services to reflect local and national standards. We also aim to ensure the consistent delivery of safe and effective care that results in positive Service User experience....

We ensure that Service-Users know how to raise concerns and complaints, share their views and be involved with the shaping of their service delivery. We listen, respond and document all complaints and actions taken to resolve them in order to ensure effective governance, quality assurance and auditing systems/processes

Satisfaction Survey

In order to continually update and improve our service delivery, we believe it is important to obtain the opinions, wants and needs of the people we support. Their families and wider support networks, including staff and key workers are also consulted. We produce an annual satisfaction survey to capture the views of each individual to ensure we are constantly, reviewing and updating our service provision to match the requirements of all concerned. We measure our success by the happiness and progress of the individuals we support, and remain committed to delivering the best outcome-focused services.